Canyoning and Caving in the Ardèche:

Thanks to a custom landscape is the Ardeche suitable for practicing this sport (mountains, rivers), the Ardèche welcomes every year many amateurs who combine this activity with swimming, climbing, abseiling (L'escalade) and hiking.
   Canyoning is the place for lovers of strong sensations.
Warning: The descent of canyons requires the presence of a specialized monitor so the security  is guaranted.
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For millions of years, cavities were formed in the limestone masses of southern Ardèche.
   By the number and variety of these phenomena is the Ardèche registered as a site of European importance, with over 2,500 identified underground cavities
   The caving is a practice that is practiced in the Ardeche throughout the year. Watch out for the violent storms and torrential rains of spring and late summer.
Warning: Visiting a cavity requires technical skills to move safely. Also training with the various caving clubs needed. Otherwise, ensure the guidance of an expert guide.